wtorek, 25 marca 2008

Getting Nowhere Faster

While skateboarding has recently become a mainstream attraction, niches of highly talented skaters still remain largely unknown. Villa Villa Cola is about to expose their intriguing story with the release their new video, “Getting Nowhere Faster”.

Produced by the notorious Villa Villa Cola (VVC) squadron, “Getting Nowhere Faster” brings to light the elusive and mysterious underworld of female skateboarders. The project features skateboarding from the most talented group of shred-getters ever assembled including professional street skaters, vert pioneers, and X Games champions: Vanessa Torres, Amy Caron, Cara Beth Burnside, Elizabeth Nitu, Faye Jaime, Alex White, Patiane Frietas, “Nugget”, Lauren Mollica, Van Nguyen, Lauren Perkins, Lyn-z Adams Hawkins, Stefanie Thomas, Kenna Gallagher, and many more!

Beyond their skateboarding talents, VVC also represents a wildly creative and passionate crew of filmmakers including Lisa Whitaker, Lori Damiano, Tiffany Morgan and Nicole Morgan. “Getting Nowhere Faster” transitions scenes from the everyday to the surreal to showcase an authentic portrayal of the skaters and their talents utilizing fantastic situations that could only be created by VVC. Unlike traditional skateboarding videos, "Getting Nowhere Faster" combines women's skateboarding at an explosive skill level never seen before and is also a scripted production featuring multiple female skate crews who find themselves in mysterious and fascinating circumstances.

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