poniedziałek, 10 listopada 2008

Society System Decontrol

THE KIDS:The Straight Edge ideas pioneered in Washington DC by bands such as The Teen Idles, Minor Threat and SOA had by 1981 migrated to other cities. In Boston, Alan Barile was particularly influenced by the power of Bad Brains and a discussion with Henry Garfield [who later changed name to Henry Rollins when he left SOA and joined LA based Black Flag] concerning how tight and united the Washington DC scene was. Alan Barile stopped drinking, took up the "X", the all ages crusade and formed Society System Decontrol SS Decontrol played their first show in the summer of 1981 and released a demo called "How Much Art" [which was an attack on the current state of Boston music]. The whole Boston Straight Edge thing simply took off behind them. BIO: In 1982 SS Decontrol release their debut album, "The Kids Will Have Their Say", on their very own XClaim! label. SSD performed in such cities as Boston, Washington DC, New York, Detroit, Los Angelas, San Francisco, Montreal, Santa Cruz, Santa Barbara, & Philadelphia.


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