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Slavearc were formed by ex-members of Withdrawn in mid-1997, inspired by animal and earth liberation ideals, and pushing a militant vegan and drug-free ideology. Controversial within the UK Hardcore scene for their polarizing stance, they split up in 1999.

Web Of Darkness

The innocent butchered for the bloodlust mothers raped and tortured their children scream in agony the last breath is stolen blood gushes from the torn neck desecration of life immoral culture murder the guilty steeped in sin ripped apart devoured anthropecentric perversion their lives commodity your world depravity torment misery pacifist dogma clouds the liberation deny the shackles of human lies secure their freedom by any means mount the hooks with the bodies of their oppressors militance the only answer to their transgression a new torrent of blood flows the innocent free the slain avenged war waged upon the web of darkiness of human hatred and species oppression the carnage wreaked upon the victimised has born those willing to destroy thios sickness burn before me your world burns before me the battlefield is the lab the farm the slaughterhouse retribution for defilement of their life

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Great band! Posted their demo last night: